Furniture Restoration

Do you have an old chair or desk that needs repairs? We can fix it. Do you have pet damage on your kitchen table? We can fix it. Do you have a broken cedar chest? Hey, we can fix that too! Don't throw out your heirlooms, bring us your antiques and let us repair them for you. Here at Beardsaw Handcrafted we take pride in the restoration of your family heirlooms, so they will last even longer. 

50 year old childrens chair

Broken lets and loose joints

Back to new

New leg and joints, and refinished.

Broken Church Pew

Foot was coming off and leg was split

Back to service for next sunday

replaced food, re-stained, and sturdy as new. 

1920's Era Rocker

This chair was painted 3 different times over 50 years

1920's Era Rocker

Restored that old cypress wood back to its original beauty.